Press Banner for the Can't Nots

WBRU Rock Hunt Nominee’s 2014

Nominated Limelight Magazine’s “Band of the Year” 2014.

“Never afraid of getting loud, wild and crazy, The Can’t Nots are a musical force to truly be in awe of. They have their brand new EP Radio Pudding currently available and it has The Can’t Nots doing what they do best, turning the amps up to 11 and proceeding to take their sound to a new stratosphere.”
Rob Duguay – review of “Radio Pudding” EP Jan 2014

“The Can’t Nots return with a six-song EP, Radio Pudding, and the Providence quartet sounds bigger and better than ever.”
Chris Conte – Providence Phoenix review of “Radio Pudding” Jan 2014

Their song “Picking a Fight” is featured in Woodhaven’s movie production of “Army of the Damned” 2013

Their song “Side by Side” is featured in the movie “Self Storage” 2013

“I think I have finally found some music you can’t not listen to. Their style of music is very approachable, with an occasional swift kick of punk to keep you on the edge of your seat. Naomi’s voice always brings the listener along for the ride, from her soaring falsettos to the burrowing low notes. Her range is fantastic and controlled really well. Even their slower songs, like “The Gray,” are catchy and show off their unique style of music. …listen to their songs, especially their new EP, which you can download for free on their website! Hello new playlist music!”
Deanna Archetto – Internet Killed the Radio Star Oct 2011

“…carving out some interesting genre-shucking territory. It’s an interesting place to be in, and The Can’t Nots have room to grow into it.”
- Ari Goldberg, Oct 2011 Performer Magazine review of “Applesauce” EP

“…the sampling goes a long way toward illustrating why The Can’t Nots are considered at the top of the up-and-coming list. They’ve convincingly attempted that ever illusive task of capturing live-performance energy on a silly flat piece of polycarbonate plastic. …For a three-piece band with a project that clocks in under 20 minutes, The Can’t Nots demonstrate that they’re on the right path to, as their bio states, ‘becoming rock’s voice for the right now.’”
- Don DiMuccio, August 2011 Motif Magazine review of “Applesauce” EP

Nominated for best song “Go” by the Providence Phoenix’s Best Music Poll 2012

Naomi Wilkinson of The Can’t Nots nominated for female vocalist by the Providence Phoenix’s Best Music Poll 2012

Nominated for local breakthrough act by the Providence Phoenix’s Best Music Poll 2010

Nominated for (plugged in) best live act by Motif Magazine’s 2011 Music Awards

Naomi Wilkinson of The Can’t Nots nominated for (plugged in) female vocalist by Motif Magazine’s 2011 Music Awards

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