The Can't Nots Bio Banner

For a four piece band, The Can’t Nots make a lot of noise. Formed in June of 2010 this Providence, RI crew is set on becoming rock’s voice for the right now, and they’ve got all the musical talent and moxy to prove it. Their sound is a mash up of their influences, most notably, The Strokes, The Talking Heads, The White Stripes, and The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s. This group’s music always packs a punch, but their ability to keep you dancing is what really sets them apart.

The band is composed of vocalist Naomi Lee, her brother and drummer Gary Wilkinson, and longtime friends guitarist Bobby Brierly and bassist Darren Frigon. Their lifelong relationship is a huge factor of what makes The Can’t Nots click. They manage to bring you new and dynamic music because of the effortless way in which they are able to blend their individual styles into one singular musical experience. It’s this original and catchy style that has caught the ear of several radio stations, newspapers, and movie makers. Their music can be heard on 95.5 WBRU’s HomeBru’d and also in the new movie “Army of the Damned,” starring Godsmack singer Sully Erna.

You can’t not listen to The Can’t Nots. Their music is something you play real loud, head banging and feet dancing the whole way through.